Program «Social Dormitory «House on Half-way»

Every year, after graduation, orphans and children deprived of parental care, begin an independent life. Often, on this journey, they encounter difficulties in adapting to society. Graduates can’t overcome such difficulties on their own: the lack of housing, difficulties in finding work, lack of adult mentors. Similar problems are faced by children from families in crisis.
In order to help young people at the beginning of their independent life, in 2006 charitable organization "Foundation "Aspern" organized program called "Social Dormitory "House of Half-way". The main idea of this program is to provide temporary residence, as well as preparation for independent living for orphans, children deprived of parental care and young people among them.
Social dormitory accept children and young people aged from 15 to 23 who find themselves in a difficult situation. Assistance according to this program includes assessment of needs and creation of individual work plan for newcomers. Our organization finds a special approach to each child, provides a comfortable accommodation and development. Youngsters are provided with temporary shelter, food, clothing, and other hard and soft items. Experts organize social support, conduct individual and group sessions on the program "Self-identity" aimed at the development and maintenance of skills for independent living. We also help young people in education and search of work. If necessary, we provide psychological support, medical and educational services.
In this dormitory young people can live up to 3 years, social support continues for six months after the end of the maximum period of stay.
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