Program “Support for Families in Crisis”

Today social and economic situation in Ukrainian society is extremely vulnerable. Rising of unemployment, spread of negative social phenomena lead to increasing number of families in difficult circumstances. It is obvious that children in such families often don’t receive appropriate love and support; moreover, living conditions are usually inappropriate. In order to provide a systematic and comprehensive help for families in crisis, since 2000, charitable organization "Foundation" Aspern” implements program" Support for Families in Crisis".
In this program we provide help for families in a difficult financial situation, or other difficult circumstances:
  • low-income families; 
  • large families; 
  • single-parent families; 
  • widowers (widows); 
  • families with child who has functional problems; 
  • young families; 
  • guardians or adoptive parents; 
  • families in difficult circumstances; 
  • families in a crisis; 
  • children who reside in the "Center for Social and Psychosocial Rehabilitation" CO "Foundation" Aspern"; 
  • families with alcohol or drug problems; 
  • families who experienced violence; 
  • orphans; 
  • children deprived of parental care.
Experts of our organization, in course of this program, assess needs of the family; create an individual plan of social support. Staff provides social support for families, conduct inspection every week, provide humanitarian aid and organize small renovations for flats.
Also, if necessary, family members are provided with advice how to overcome personal and interpersonal problems. Also consultations on parenting and child psychology are organized. Moreover, family members can find support in self-help groups for parents in crisis situation.
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