Program “Center for Mother and Child”

Every year in Ukraine a problem of child abandonment becomes more urgent. Despite the fact that support of mother and child is a major national priority, pregnant women and mothers with children often find themselves in difficult circumstances. Such situation is connected to domestic violence, disapproval of relatives, difficult financial situation. As a result, women can’t provide proper care for babies, because they are in need of assistance.
In order to help such women charitable organization "Foundation "Aspern" have started in 2013 a program called “Center for Mother and Child". Aim of this program is prevention of child abandonment and strengthening of Ukrainian family through the formation of responsible motherhood. Program involves providing pregnant women (7-9 months of pregnancy) and mothers with children (0-6 years old) in difficult circumstances with temporary housing and number of social services. The basis for admission to the program is to stay in difficult circumstances, such as homelessness, domestic violence, difficult financial situation.
Enrollment to the Center for Mother and Child is based on a written application of woman, legal document from Service for Children of Darnitsky district in Kiev, a passport or other document of identity, and medical information about health of pregnant women. In the case of enrollment of women with a child a certificate of birth of a child is needed.
Center provides women with temporary residence, necessary equipment. Experts of the Center carry out individual and group correctional work, provide psychological support and medical, legal, educational counseling. Also, the Center conducts a comprehensive prevention of problems in the psychological and social development of pregnant women and mothers with children. Experts give advice mothers on the development of children and education in early childhood; contribute to registration of children in kindergartens and schools. Also classes designed to develop skills for independent living with the child are carried out. We help women to get an education and a job.
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